Neo Praxis is a small business, located in western Sydney in New South Wales, Australia

The principal of the business, Dean Brown, has an extremely broad background that ranges from heavy industry to microelectronics, from startups to global multinationals and from businesses serving local markets to businesses with customers around the world. Literally from the shop floor to the boardroom.

He has experience working in companies including Honeywell, GEC, Avnet and was part of team that established Farnell (now element 14) in the region as well as many SME’s in technology, engineering, distribution and manufacturing, covering roles including engineering, all points in manufacturing and up to CxO level in multinational businesses.

What this range of experience brings is the ability to understand the widest range of points of view in business situations and to in effect translate between the various stakeholders so as to bring the to the unified point of view that enables business to move forward.

Dean’s range of experience is supported by certificate level qualifications in Training and Assessment, associate level qualifications in Electronics Engineering and Business in International Trade (studied in the PRC) and a MBA from the University of Canberra.

The business maintains strong ties to various industries, and Dean currently sits on the executive committee of the Sydney Aerospace and Defence Interest Group as the chair of the supply chain committee.

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