Welcome to Neo Praxis.

Our specialty is in working with emerging Small to Medium Enterprises, particularly based in engineering and science, to provide the knowledge and resources needed to take you idea from concept to end markets. What we offer is real world experience in developing new products, manufacturing, supply chain and strategic management when and where you need it most.
With some 40 years of experience working with new ventures covering all aspects of strategic and operationas management, we understand the challenges faced by start  up businesses. There is literally everything to do and no one to do it, and getting things done as quickly and efficiently as possible is imperitive as time to market is usually critical. The easy answer would be to go out and find the staff needed to provide the resources needed but the costs in money and time prohibit that type of commitment in the early stages of the evolution of your business.

What we provide are the resouces you need, for the time you need them, across the entire length of the supply chain. Our experience ranges from devloping IP, preparing for production, manufacturing, materials management, business development and development of sales, operational and general management strategy, any or all of which can be made available for specific tasks or on short or medium term contracts as your business requires.